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A 8 hours Ride => 360€ de 2 à 4 personnes


The ride includes: a provision of 8 hours A / R, with departure from NICE or CANNES to GRASSE and return arrival at 5:30 pm at the starting point in NICE or CANNES:

9:30 am: departure from NICE city central station or CANNES central station, to GRASSE.

10:00 am IN FRESH PERFUME CREATION WORKSHOPS (two hours - see program below **) Genuine Eau de Parfum 100 ml included,

12.30 pm / 2.30 pm: unaccompanied walk in GRASSE old town, your personnal Lunch

2:00 pm Visit to the MIP (International Perfume Museum) and MIP gardens in GRASSE (see program below ***),

4:00 pm Visit of the MIP Garden ****

5:00 pm Return on NICE or CANNES.

La Parfumerie Galimard has opened the last door that remained closed to the public: that of the magic of creation.


**Personal Perfume creation workshop in Grasse

Create your own perfume at "Le Studio des Fragrances".

Galimard recently opened the door to the Mysterious Art of Parfum which had always been closed to the public. Experience the magic of the parfum creation with the experts.
You have no doubt dreamed of the day you would find your own personal fragrance. One scent that is exclusively your signature brand. The scents and smells that will remind you of fond memories like people, places and things which seduced you or continue to seduce you. A scent uniquely "you ", one that will distinguish you and your personal fashion or style.

In our "Studio des Fragrances ", our "Nose " will transform you into a creator of perfume.

Galimard has been the pioneer and recognized leader in this art since launching its first Studio des Fragrances in 1997.

You will discover the different base products and techniques combined to create your own personal fragrance using over 127 notes.
Our nose will explain to you the architecture of a good perfume, that is Top Note (peak note), Middle Note (heart note), and Base Note (fond note).  The experts will evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classifications of the large families of scents along with their typical components. Then, he or she will conclude by describing the basic principles of achieving a harmonious, round formula.
You will then be free to execute your concept and follow your imagination for your own perfume. You will be able to choose to create a fragrance for Women, Men, or unisex.

Then, you will take your creation home in a personalized perfume bottle with the name you have chosen for your design.
Each of these newly created perfumes or formulas will be kept on file for you to re-order. Please ask about creating a layered line of personalized products such as body cream and shower gel.

- The "Studio des Fragrances" is open every day by appointment.
- Workshop start at 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Duration : approximately 2 hours

- Assistance in English, German, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish 


Price per person:


Our workshops are open to all, and are accessible to children over 8 years old. For children, the presence of an adult is recommended, as a creator (at a nearby organ) or as an accompanying person.
All necessary equipment is provided.
Individuals :
Capacity : 1 to 30 people per session
Workshop price : 53€ per person (100ml Eau de Parfum included)
(child under 16 : 43€)

10€ per accompanying person (maximum one accompanying person per creation)


Prices and booking:


*** MIP (International Perfume Museum)

Created in 1989, the International Perfume Museum, a unique museum in the world, is part of the emblematic territory of the city of Grasse, cradle of luxury perfume which France was the initiator. Dedicated to one of the most prestigious French traditional activities, the International Perfume Museum, public establishment, labeled "Museum of France", allows visitors to discover the history and originality of the trade of industrialists and large houses of perfumery. True testimony of the international technical, aesthetic, social and cultural history of the tradition of the use of scents, the museum approaches with an anthropological approach the history of fragrances in all its aspects - raw materials, manufacturing, industry, innovation, trade, design, uses and through very diverse forms - objects of art, decorative arts, textiles, archaeological witnesses, unique pieces or industrial forms.

Following a Western historical chronology - Antiquity, Middle Ages, modern and contemporary periods - the museum is organized in five parts each representing a period of history and contemporary themes: elegance and classicism, magic and dynamism, frivolity and hygiene.

In all civilizations, perfumes have led to an incredible production of precious and refined objects in rare materials: alabaster, enamelled earthenware, ceramics, glass, worked metals. Through exceptional collections of objects and scenarios of different industrial techniques, the museum traces the history of perfumes, but also soaps, cosmetics and cosmetics, for four thousand years.

This museum of the 21st century looks at the past, but also the present and even the future if we think of the section on the era of globalization, marketing and communication and new markets.

Welcome to the world of perfume! ...

Price per person: 4,00 €

 Booking and prices


**** Presentation of the gardens of the MIP

Rose centifolia, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, geranium, broom, orange tree ..., perfumes are born first in plants, from here or elsewhere. In the unique setting of the Gardens of the International Perfume Museum, we discover and feel these species that provide for centuries the precious raw materials of perfumery.

Beautifully located in the heart of the fields of perfume plants traditionally cultivated in the country of Grasse, the Gardens of the International Perfume Museum are part of the project of territory led by the agglomeration community Pôle Azur Provence and thus become the conservatory of perfume plants of the museum, a natural area witnessing the olfactory landscape linked to local agriculture.

Articulated around an old canal and an agricultural basin, the site covers 2 hectares. In these gardens, field crops of species traditionally grown for perfumery rub shoulders with landscaped areas featuring various collections of fragrant or aromatic plants. Their primary purpose is to contribute to the conservation of the varietal diversity of traditional species cultivated for perfumery. They also testify to the olfactory landscape linked to local agriculture.

"An interactive and multi-sensory journey"

Let yourself be guided for a walk through the gardens and discover the plants according to their olfactory notes: citrus, floral, woody, spicy, fruity, musky ...

Video guides are at your disposal to accompany you in your discovery. You will be able to view photographs, videos, listen to testimonials from farmers, pickers and brokers.

The permanent exhibition of the gardens completes the visit of the site by a scientific approach mixing objects and visuals. You will discover why plants produce an odor. It will also talk about ecosystem and insects, scents and history ...

Welcome to the world of fragrant plants ...

Price per person: 4,00 €

Booking and prices:


Walk of the Vineyards, Castles and WINE Cellars of the Riviera-Côte d'Azur


Ballad of 8 Hours in Layout VTC  => 360€ from 2 to 4 people (Costs tastings not included):


- Walk in the vineyards,

- I) Visit Chateau de SAINT-MARTIN,

- Free lunch,

- II) Visit Chateau de SAINT-MARC,

- Ballade in the vineyards,

- 17H Return point of departure.

I/Castle of St MARTIN

Route des Arcs, 83460 Taradeau (10 km from VIDAUBAN)

The vineyard of the Château de Saint Martin culminates at an altitude of 130 meters and is at the junction of two geological zones that give wines of character whose identity and authenticity are fiercely preserved.

- To the south, the crystalline formations of the Moors, red shales, coarse sandstones, fine clays with grains of quartz and silt coming from the screes of the slopes.

- In the North, formations of the Upper Triassic, clays in one meter layer and vermiculate limestones of the primary age.

Possibility of tasting: 7,00 € per person




588 CHEM des Crottes and Saint Marc, 83310 Cogolin

The estate is located on the foothills of the Maures massif, in Cogolin, municipality of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Located a few minutes from the beaches, exposed to the sun of Provence, the CHATEAU SAINT MARC has nearly 8 hectares of vineyards while Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Côtes de Provence, suitable area to achieve maximum quality.

Quality research is combined with the concern to respect nature, the environment and to protect the consumer.

The entire estate is in conversion to organic farming since 2017, under ECOCERT certification.

Combined with the finest grape varieties, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolle, Syrah and Cinsault, CHATEAU SAINT MARC produces red, white and rosé wines that are always noted for their elegance, finesse and balance of flavors and scents.

The annual production of about 300 hectoliters allows a meticulous and neat work.

This meticulousness, this search for perfection is fully expressed in the different phases of winemaking.

All the production is assembled, raised, bottled in our cellar in the respect of the high tradition.

Our wines are available in 3 colors Rosé-Blanc-Rouge through 2 ranges: the "Grande Réserve Domini", the flagship of the estate, and the "Cuvée Epicure"

Every year the reputation of the wines of CHATEAU SAINT MARC is confirmed, rewarded by numerous awards and medals.

Possibility of tasting: € 5.00 per person which turns into free for any purchase of 6 bottles.


WALKS in MONACO Half day 4 hours => 180 €

from 2 to 4 people

- The Prince's Palace

- The Oceanographic Museum

- The Port The Casino and the shops

Evening Extension to Casinos possible !...

8:30 departure from NICE, or CANNES, or ANTIBES to the Old Town / Oceanographic Museum of MONACO

- 10 Hour: Old Town and Prince's Palace with changing of the guard at 11H55

- 12 Hour: The Port, Casino, and Shops

Back to the starting point for 12:30

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Aquariums, exhibitions, games and relaxation, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco opens the doors of the marine world. Aquariums to the collections of Natural History.

Possibility of visiting the Museum by appointment:

Adult prices in season: 14,00 € / subject to change


When, from June to October, visitors can enter the home of the Sovereign Family, they are first seized by the magnificence of the Court of Honor but also by the great tranquility that emanates from it. Frescoes, columns, staircase double revolution combine to create an exceptional decor where everything is in harmony, games of lights and shadows. Created in 1961, the Summer Concerts here find an ideal and magical setting.

The changing of the guard is visible at 11:55

Possibility of visiting the Palace on reservation (The Grands Appartements):

Adult prices in season: 8,00 € / subject to change


Visual discovery of the most beautiful places of the Monegasque principality.




INTREPIDES RIDE A day of 8 hours => 360 € from 2 to 4 people


8-hour day including:

- I/The morning: The Grande Tyrolienne of La Colmiane 76 km from NICE

-Free lunch

- II/After noon: Tandem paragliding flight


I/The Grande Tyrolienne from La Colmiane 76 kms from NICE

Dreaming of flying this summer?

The largest zip line in France is at Colmiane. A sensational attraction from June 2018 (Details on the site in January 2018):

A giant zip line, to fly over the ski area, safely, at a maximum speed of 130 km / h.

With a total length of 2663 meters, this zip line consists of two sections:

Section 1 between the arrival of the Pic chairlift and an intermediate platform on the north-west side of Petit Conquet: 1879 m

Section 2 between the intermediate platform and the station: 784 m

Breathtaking features

Departure at 1,776 meters above sea level (105 m maximum height overflight *) and arrived at 1489 meters, a total altitude difference of nearly 300 meters.

An average slope of 13.5% for section 1, and 6.5% for section 2.

An average descent time of 1 minute 49 seconds with an average speed of 120 km / h on the first section.

Possibility of descending alone or in pairs, lying down

Rates per person to take in advance

35 € / person possibility of solo or duo flight (single price per person)

28 € / person for a group of minimum 10 people

The 2018 Rates per person are on the website:

View by clicking on the links:


II/Tandem Parachute Jumping on the Riviera

Above Saint TROPEZ! ...

Enjoy a unique moment in free fall over the French Riviera and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea to the snowy Alps.

After the rise of fifteen minutes by plane type Pilatus, you will arrive at 4000 meters altitude. This is the big moment! Let's go for a free fall of 50 seconds at 200 km / h!

Stress, apprehension and adrenaline will give you exceptional and unforgettable sensations!

After the first extremely intense seconds, you can fully enjoy this experience in an idyllic setting after the opening of the sail to 1500 meters. For 5 to 6 minutes of descent The Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the beautiful landscapes that will scroll under your feet, you will be in the heart of an impressive panorama!

You will be accompanied by a team of approved professionals for parachute jumps.

Destination: The airport of Saint-Tropez which occupies an area of ​​thirty-two hectares bordering the former RN 98 on the town of La Mole in the heart of the forest of the Moors.

Price: 1 jump / 1 person: from 300 €

Do not hesitate ! Come and throw a plane in flight

To view click on:




A day of 8 hours => 360 € from 2 to 4 people

-I/Morning: Opio Valbonne Golf

-Free lunch

-II/After noon: Cannes Mougin Golf



I/Opio Valbonne GOLF

One of the jewels of the Riviera, set in the heart of a superb forest domain

Set between Cannes, Nice and Grasse, the Golf Club of Opio Valbonne is one of the jewels in the crown of the Riviera. Imagine an 18-hole course amidst the sea and the mountains, at the heart of a magnificent domain. Protected by 220 hectares of undulating landscape in the shade of century-old trees, where you will even find a Gallo Roman aqueduct ! Just a few minutes from some of the most beautiful coastlines of the Côte d’Azur,  this site, sheltered from the wind, benefits from a sunny climate and an ideal geographical position.

At the golf course, the Château de la Bégude offers you the opportunity to return to traditional values, which has contributed to the success of the region. The 17th century Bastide has been completely renovated and boasts a restaurant, overlooking the golf course, where the Chef offers an inspired Provence cuisine rich with colour and flavour.

Tarif  2018 pour un green fees (sous réserve de modification et de disponibilité): 90,00€

Site web:



The Golf Country of Cannes-Mougins is a private club reserved for its 500 shareholders who welcomes visitors respecting the golf etiquette.

Rates 2018 (Subject to change and availability):

The 18-hole green fees are currently 120 euros on weekdays and 150 euros on weekends and holidays.

Green fee 9 holes and more 90 euros on weekdays and 120 euros on weekends and holidays: golf cart included, departures from 15h30 at present (the schedule varies according to the season)

Booklet of 12 green fees 1050 euros: registered and family, usable on weekdays only (excluding public holidays), valid for 1 year

If you have a disability and know the label, you can book by contacting the booking at: 04 93 75 79 13

Web sites :


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